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Very well done. I've always been hooked on your work since I listened to Orange. Like all your other pieces, it's very carefully crafted and complex, with each instrument chosen specifically to complement the others in the best way possible. And this is really pretty spooky and I liiiike it, could listen to it for a long time :3


I know the actual story of the Pied Piper, and this tune is appropriately dark. It's also catchy, and bouncy, like the Piper's melodies. So, it's got the appeal of the Piper's tunes and the overall mood of his final fate, hahaha.
Really, quite nice. Gotta love awesome drum rhythms.

cheshyre responds:

Thanks yo!! I'm glad you like it! I'm trying to get the 3rd album out by October 31st and I'm trying to make it as dark, and twisted as possible. I hope you like it!!


This was an improvement over WS Alpha, I think. Catchy melody, good bass. Maybe slightly too long of a break in the beat in the third quarter of the song. Good one, though.

MemoryDemise responds:

That does drag on for longer then it probably should, I just wanted to break up the repetitiveness of the melody since it doesn't change to much through out the song.

It makes you think

Kinda scary thoughts, too, in the beginning. Everything you used combined to create a dark, oppressive ambiance up until 1:27, and I gotta say I really dug the melody when you laid it down. Even after it dimmed at around 2:00, you kept it eerie. But also, it's interspersed with cheerful melodies that contrast the dark ambient sound in the background in a weirdly cool way. I can picture this as BGM in some game. Or, just as something to chill out and listen to, thinking deep thoughts. Or just not thinking at all. Real nice. And I'd say, definitely your best so far.

Spillkaidah responds:

thanks for the review, man. that contrast between dark and light was definitely a huge part of this, so i'm glad you picked up on it ;) since it's about the thought process, its like the venom sinks in and flows deeper, worse thoughts and fears mount slowly, then just all out visualization of your deepest concern- not in the stereotypical dark sense, just in terms of intensity. then breaks down and you reform it all over again, a confirmation of your worries. And lastly, a slow reassuring major melody to say that things will probably be okay anyways.

'guess i'm just explaining myself :j but i know we're on the same wavelength. keep creatin' dood

Now, this is more like it

Man, I gave you a long review last time, so I'll spare you one this time around, haha. Keepin' it brief.

So basically.

Sounds like you revised it really well, including the feedback of the reviewers! :D The thing I like most about this one is that it's FREEEEEE, you know what I mean? Unrestrained! I love all the additional melodies you put in; they really give a more high-energy feel to the song. (esp. 1:28-1:38, etc.) The SFX you placed into the song are cool, they show up at the right moments and add to the feeling you probably wanted to create with the title "Law of Disorder." And I see you kept that slick hi-hat rhythm--bonus! This version of the song had me groovin' even more than the last incarnation of it. Nice work, bro.

ErlendHL responds:

Thank you very much! =D

Hey, hey! It's groovy!

Groovy, yes, very much so. Made me bob my head a lot, especially during the parts when you employed that slick hi-hat rhythm (er, maybe it was a snare) (1:30-2:02, etc.) which I especially liked. Made me feel the melody a lot more than, for example, the times when you were using the kick/snare--although that was good too. The melody was enjoyable, bouncy, worked well with the percussion rhythms. Also, the intro/outro thing which deceives the mind into thinking the rhythm is 5/8 of a bar different was particularly cool. Still, it feels a little...I don't know, restrained? I feel like you could have a lot more fun with this song. Add some crazy snares! Drop another underlying melody! Go nuts! I dunno, do whatever. But this could be built on even more. I loved it, yup, and I think it could be even better than it already is.

ErlendHL responds:

Ah thank you for that great review! You're a great reviewer.
Right now I can't take listening to this version because I have a better version with increased tempo (didn't upload so it's not the version 2 but I will maybe upload it soon). I think that's why you think it's kinda restrained. I agree with that. Also I'm glad you think the rythm is 5/8 at intro and outro because that was the intention.


Catchy, got a good beat I was bobbin' my head to, and I love 8-bit music anyway. 9/10 and 5/5.

DaPunishmentRejecter responds:

Thanks DXVanille

Catchy stuff

A nice ambience. I enjoyed listening to this...the timing of the drums vs. the melody made it really nice. It's very easy to space out to, you know? Looking forward to the next Way Station.

MemoryDemise responds:

Glad you enjoyed it, some of the transitions are a little to abrupt I think...

Not bad, not bad

I'm a Mixcraft user myself, and it's cool to see a comrade in music software. That said, this song's decent enough, but there's nothing particularly catchy about it, you know? A lot of the sounds you put together worked okay, but not GREAT. And there was a bit of note dissonance near the ending third of the song. In short, I don't mind listening to it, but it's not something I'd favorite.
Keep working at Mixcraft though, with practice it becomes an awesome tool! You have promise! :D


As a music artist, I love to try out new styles, and especially appreciate the fusion of styles. (I did a techno/bluegrass type thing once.) So it makes me happy to see somebody masterfully combining genres and making a great song out of it.
Awwww yeah.

JPRixdorfer responds:

thank you! yep trying out new things is the best! Better than having 98% dubstep songs in the portal! There are hardly any people here who try to make new things, but there are...

I write whatever kind of music I'm feeling at the time. Whatever it is, enjoy.

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