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Absolutely brilliant. It's an excellent way to spread the word about what Go! Animate is really like. Love it.

On a side note, I lol'd at looking at the reviews that said they could only watch "ten seconds before turning it off." Um, guys. Valuable lesson here. ALWAYS WATCH A FLASH THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH. You have no idea what's going to happen in it.

Hah, fantastic.

Great animation, excellent characters, a very solid storyline, and it's hilarious. What more can you ask for?

Slow at first, but...

The action picked up nicely right near the end, and I liked that bit a lot. The beginning was a little slow, though, but overall it was pretty nice.

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It's just brilliant. I don't even know what to say...except keep up your amazing work.

Quite enjoyable.

Very tough but it never quite made me want to kill myself--179 deaths, though, and the portion that said "this isn't" kind of made me want to tear my hair out.

The simplicity and yet sometimes extreme difficulty made it incredibly addictive and I had to keep playing until I beat it. Loved the music, too. The "upgrades," of course, I didn't love so much, haha, but it kept adding a new level of challenge that made gameplay fresh. 5/5 and 9/10.

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Very well done. I've always been hooked on your work since I listened to Orange. Like all your other pieces, it's very carefully crafted and complex, with each instrument chosen specifically to complement the others in the best way possible. And this is really pretty spooky and I liiiike it, could listen to it for a long time :3


I know the actual story of the Pied Piper, and this tune is appropriately dark. It's also catchy, and bouncy, like the Piper's melodies. So, it's got the appeal of the Piper's tunes and the overall mood of his final fate, hahaha.
Really, quite nice. Gotta love awesome drum rhythms.

cheshyre responds:

Thanks yo!! I'm glad you like it! I'm trying to get the 3rd album out by October 31st and I'm trying to make it as dark, and twisted as possible. I hope you like it!!


This was an improvement over WS Alpha, I think. Catchy melody, good bass. Maybe slightly too long of a break in the beat in the third quarter of the song. Good one, though.

MemoryDemise responds:

That does drag on for longer then it probably should, I just wanted to break up the repetitiveness of the melody since it doesn't change to much through out the song.

I write whatever kind of music I'm feeling at the time. Whatever it is, enjoy.

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