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2012-04-17 22:46:37 by DXVanille

I told you we wrote these songs, Carter. We're not making anything up. I TOLD YOU BRO.

Hitting a Wall

2011-12-05 23:20:27 by DXVanille

I've pretty much done everything that Mixcraft will let me do. It's probably time to move on. I think Unforgiving Future will be my last Mixcraft piece. The next one you hear will be my attempt at making something using FLStudio.

An underloved song

2011-05-08 13:33:34 by DXVanille

One of my very earliest submissions, Crash Course, was heard by almost no one because it had to await approval from the moderators and by the time it was approved, it was off the "newest submissions" list.

It's a really nice little piece, though, and you should check it out if you like my work.


2011-04-26 01:51:44 by DXVanille

My stuff seems always seems to suffer from attacks by trolls who go down the line of audio submissions, zerobombing anything they can. It's really discouraging, even though I know the rating doesn't mean anything.

Please, guys, just rate my stuff honestly. Troll elsewhere, if ya please. It's not like I didn't work on my submissions.

So there's this friend of mine, yeah

2011-04-20 17:12:04 by DXVanille

Just like to give a shoutout to my good buddy BobbySoRandom. He makes some really good beats and is able to sample basically anything and make it into something dope. Check him out right here.