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Hitting a Wall

2011-12-05 23:20:27 by DXVanille

I've pretty much done everything that Mixcraft will let me do. It's probably time to move on. I think Unforgiving Future will be my last Mixcraft piece. The next one you hear will be my attempt at making something using FLStudio.


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2011-12-12 22:59:44

FL is crazy irritating the first time you try it.


2012-04-13 01:21:28

how would you recommend Mixcraft?

(Updated ) DXVanille responds:

Great tool to learn how to make music on, but it can only take you so far. Mixcraft's a lot of fun and when you're feeling bored you can mix and match from their huge library of loops; you'll probably be surprised at what you can get just out of that. I've gotten everything I can get out of it though and I'm gonna move on to FLStudio or something.